Upcoming Shows

Here’s a few places you will see me this summer.

Jul 29-Aug 4: If you happen to be going to the Chautauqua Institute (for “Comedy and the Human Condition”), drop me a line – I’ll be there. To learn, not to perform.

Aug 13-19: Burbank Comedy Festival – Flappers – 102 East Magnolia, Burbank – I’ll post the specific shows when I know them. “Let’s do some funny business”

Aug 27 – Sep 4: I’m hoping to get to Burning Man again (it’s been a few years). If so, find me at the Quixote’s open mic. And if Automatic Subconscious has their naked comedy night, I’ll probably do that one too. Camping with Celestial Bodies.

Still, I am available if you need someone to tell jokes and funny stories.  Drop me a line.

I’ll still be doing some open mics, so drop me a line if you’re going out because I might be there.

Now, if will excuse me, I need to make some calls and see what I can get booked.


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