Who is this guy?

Just another middle aged square dancing, powerlifting, techie who does comedy and VO. There’s a million of them. Well, maybe not a million, but perhaps more than one.

When is he on stage?

I want to write some new material, so I’m taking a little time away from the stage right now.

I’m a semi-regular at Comedy Heights in San Diego. I’ve been on booked shows at the Madhouse, Comedy Palace, Comedy Store in San Diego, Flappers in Burbank, and other venues in Winnemucca, Klamath Falls, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. I’ve opened for Dat Phan, Tony Calabrese, Chris Clobber, and others. I’ve been on shows with strippers in Las Vegas and stripped at Burning Man.

I may be adding shows in the near future, so check back. Also, I do some open mics in Long Beach and San Diego once in a while, so drop me a line and let me know if you’re going out.

Where can I hear him?

My VO demos are here. I haven’t done any publicly available VO projects yet, so your project could be the one that, years from now, make people say “I heard him before he was big”. Drop me a line and let’s talk about what you have in mind.

Can I see some video?

I have some comedy video here.

I have a YouTube channel with more, some of which is not comedy.

I have a home improvement web series about the renovation we did on our Long Beach condo.