Not all there, or there, or there

For most people the answer to the question “Where do you live?” is simple. I’m not most people. When people ask me, I honestly have to say – “It’s complicated”. You see, a few years ago my husband started working in Orange County, so moved from San Diego to Long Beach. But then, just pre-pandemic I started a job that required me to be on site in San Diego. Although I mostly work from home, I still have meetings in San Diego regularly and my husband occasionally chooses to take his occasional work from home days in San Diego.

All of which means we get to experience two different rush hour patterns, two different NPR program schedules, and two different paths to the bathroom when you wake up in the middle of the night. No matter which place we’re in, there’s always something you want – a book, a spice jar, a favorite pillow – that’s at the other place. The plus side is that we can choose from twice the concerts, theater, and special events.

You could say I’m “not all there” but it’s slightly more accurate to say I’m “not all there or there”.

But wait, there’s more – work once again takes us to a new SoCal destination. Shortly after my last post, we shifted into ‘move prep’ mode. In addition to the usual packing of boxes, we’re also dealing with pre-move updates to the new place. That means we’re transiting between San Diego, Long Beach, and now North Hollywood.

So, I’m “not all there, or there, or there” for the next few weeks. THEN I’ll start to get back on stage.