A weekend in the country

This weekend we went to the local/regional Burning Man event.  There was no comedy open mic, so I didn’t get on stage, but I was able to slip a few jokes into conversation with new friends.  Some worked, some didn’t.  Just as important, I also came up with a few one-liners that I can use the next time I’m at Burning Man or a regional event.  Only Burners will get these:


It’s ironic that sparkle ponies don’t actually sparkle

Is it art or is it an extension cord?

The great thing about conceptual art is, it doesn’t have to be good

POOP – People Out Of Place


All in all, it was a good weekend

I will have at least one time on stage this week – at Reds in Point Loma on Friday.  There is a chance I’ll also be at the open mic at Aces.  Then nothing planned for the rest of the week.



Starting the day job

The last two weeks have been ramping up with my day job – I have a contract position doing software, so that takes the pressure off things financially.  Yes, that does mean I have less time for writing and performing, but having food on the table is important too – especially since my husband has no income right now.

On the plus side, the day job afforded me the opportunity to travel last week, so while I was in Indianapolis, I was able to get on stage twice.  On Tuesday at Crackers, I tried a few new bits (mixed, but slightly positive results) and brought back some I haven’t done in a while (still need to let them simmer & see how I can improve them) and one of my co-workers was in the audience.  She convinced two other co-workers to come see me again at Morty’s on Wednesday.  I did a last minute substitution of one of my bits because some jokes the comedian directly before me used, and I did a request – the gay ark bit – that my co-worker wanted to see.

This week, I don’t expect to get on stage.  I have some preparation to do before we go camping on Thursday – it’s the local Burning Man event.  Since we missed Burning Man this year, this is my “burn” (although October in southern California is wildfire season, so we don’t -actually- burn anything) and I don’t want to miss it.  May I’ll find a camp with an open mic night.

One of the comedians I met in Las Vegas want me to co-produce a show with him in November, so that’s where I’ll be focusing when I get back.  Oh yeah, and on the day job.