ThrowBack Thursday

A week ago, I was doing a show in Winnemucca, NV.  I know that doesn’t sound significant to most people, but it was a big deal to me. The two night “tour” with shows in Winnemucca and Klamath Falls, OR was my first taste of being a road comic…and I loved it. True, after figuring gas (and I drive a Prius!) and meals, I lost money on the trip. But that wasn’t the point. I feel more confident as a comedian, I learned that I need to have a bit of dirtier material in my repertoire (“What? A gay comedian with no dick jokes?”), I realized that I need to have some merchandise to sell and I no longer fear playing small towns.

The show in Winnemucca started late because the comedy venue is also the bar for Thursday night football. The Broncos won with a few spectacular plays in the last 5 minutes, so I started my set on an up note. Just before I went on, I was asked to shorten my set a bit because of the late start. That turned out to be a good exercise – on the fly deciding what to leave out while still maintaining a reasonable flow.  By my count there were at least 9 LGBT people there that night – my friends from Reno who drove to Winnemucca for the how, a table of lesbians nearby, and of course me on stage.

The drive from Winnemucca to Klamath Falls is amazing. At one point, there is a sign that says “Next Gas 179 Miles”, and they are serious. It’s a fascinating mixture of desolate high desert, then a rapid drop to the plains, followed by a moderately hilly forest. I didn’t actually get to the falls at Klamath Falls (or Crater Lake for that matter), so that will wait for another trip.

In Winnemucca, the hotel room is attached to the casino. In Klamath Falls, the hotel is across the street from the venue. The venue is a bowling alley, video game room, sports bar, karaoke bar, and a small room with slot machines – one stop entertainment shopping. After my set and a few drinks, I did a little karaoke. Fortunately there is no video of that.  Fun crowd – literally older married couples to a young couple on a Tindr date.

I stayed with friends in Oakland on the way home. They invited me to a pool party in Concord. To me, it sort of felt like an “end of tour” celebration. Someone at the party asked me “so where exactly did you come from for this?” I felt like a professional when I answered “I’ve been in the Northwest doing stand up comedy and now I’m on my way home to SoCal”. That alone almost covered the cost of the trip, although the bank may not agree.

Oh well, on to the next adventure……oh yeah I need to book something else now.


Starting Gate

Almost ready for the two night Tribble Run.  Tomorrow I’m getting a little preventative maintenance done on the car. I’ll pack while the car is at the dealer, and I’m going to try and edit another video about the Long Beach condo.

I have to admit that closing on the Long Beach condo, managing contractors for it, and doing some work myself on it has taken more of my mental energy than I expected.  I managed to do some rehearsal and beefed up the ‘serial renovator’ bit, but I would have liked to have done more preparation.  Then again, I would always like to have more preparation, even though sometimes I end up overthinking it. So, I’m practicing being cool and confident with what I have done.  And I’ll run over some bits when I’m driving, because that’s just the way I am.

I’m planning two days up and two days back so I can stay with friends along the way and so I don’t have to super long days on road. And I’m at the starting gate in about 30 hours.

One down

I got through my first thirty minute set. I was worried about memorizing all my material and still be flexible enough that it didn’t sound scripted, and I think I earned about a “B”. On the plus side, after the show a few people told me they loved my set. On the minus side, I missed at least one bit and a few jokes in another bit. I was able to seamlessly circle back to one bit, but had a fairly obvious context switch to circle back to the other joke. Still, Jennifer timed me at pretty close to thirty minutes, so I’m pretty happy with it.  I still need to rehearse before Winnemucca. though. But I’m feeling way more confident than I did at the start of the week.