Mid Month Checkin

I’m settling in to the routine – drive to San Diego on Wednesday, do comedy at Java Joes’, drive home on Thursday, then do it again that Saturday/Sunday. I can’t say I love it, as the drive gets old and there’s so much we want to do to the condo in Long Beach, but the stage time is invaluable. Just tonight, two comedians commented that they thought I had a great set (I would have given myself a “C” – I purposely didn’t plan which bits I was going to do until I arrived at the venue. I stumbled a few times, but managed to generate some laughter.

This weekend, I’ll be camping at Youtopia (sdyoutopia.com) and Jennifer will be hosting the Saturday show. Then we’re back together for another show at the end of the month. And yes I will be driving. Good thing I don’t have a “real” job at this point,