Slipping back into the light

After a hiatus in February, I was back on stage twice this week.

On Tuesday I finally made my Long Beach debut at the Blacklight Lounge. This funky little place on Anaheim St. is better known as a music venue, but does comedy twice a week. I wanted to try out a new piece before the Flappers show on Thursday. The piece is a bit of a stretch for me as it is a song parody and most people who have heard me sing wish they hadn’t. Still, I’ve had some success with a few lines that parody “Small World” in my Disneyland bit, so I thought I’d try it. And it flopped. Seriously, I listened to the recording and my a cappella vocals were accompanied by the proverbial crickets.

The song in question is a parody of the old Kingston Trio song commonly called “Charlie on the MTA”. I updated it for SoCal to “Charlie on the 405”. If the recording is to be believed, I was reasonably on key. I grew up with the song in Florida, but apparently it wasn’t popular on the west coast. Or the audience was too young to know it. Either way, it will not be a part of my onstage repertoire. Maybe it will be a video….

As alluded above, I was back in the YooHoo room at Flappers in Burbank last night. There was a larger crowd than the last time. I did a few pieces that I would like to get on video and I re-worked some of the serial renovator bit so it worked a lot better than the last time I tried it. I still need to get the recording, but I think it was a good show.

I had another show scheduled this month, but the producer cancelled it. I’m looking for a venue to produce my own show.

So I’m slowly getting back into the light up here.