3 in 4

Last week I had three shows in four days.  I know that’s par for the course for some comedians, but it was a big deal for me, particularly since they were very different audiences, and I did lots of different material for each.

The first show was a Thursday night at Flappers in Burbank. I tweaked some of my ‘serial renovator’ material for this one. I need to see the video, but there may be a new video posting for that.

The second show was Saturday at the (newly renamed) Santa Fe Grill in San Diego. I was fortunate to share the stage with some of my favorite San Diego comedians. Although I considered myself the weak link in this show, several people said they loved my stuff. I tried some new material as a rehearsal for Sunday and did some other new stuff.

The third show as a benefit that Bears San Diego did on Sunday afternoon. Most of the performers on the show were drag queens, and that’s what the crowd really wanted, so a few minutes into my set I started to lose the crowd. I cut my set a little short to keep the show from dragging (pun intended). This meant I didn’t get to some material I had prepared just for this show, but that’s OK.

Bottom line – it was a challenge to do three different shows in four days, but I did it. I feel good that I have enough material to be that flexible.

Now, I’m going to take a few weeks off from performing because I want to write a play. It’s about a comedian (of course), but I don’t want to say anymore yet.  Stay tuned.

Normal time

The kitchen remodel is almost done (although we’re about start a floor installation), and I’ve quit the bar job, I’m back to “normal” time demands. Good thing too – I got invites to do three comedy shows this weekend, so I’m spending time tweaking some of my bits. Oh, and I’m working on a play to submit to a fringe festival next year.

Catching up on the last post – yes I did manage to do an Olympic themed tweet each day of the Olympics. Then I did it again – doing a Burning Man themed tweet each day of that event. I can’t say all of them were winners, but I think there are some nuggets that I can use next year (in the case of the Burning Man material) or in two years (for the Olympic material – there ARE winter games, you know).

So, this is what ‘normal’ time looks like.