Feeling Lucky

Driving home this evening, I realized that this week I get to do three things I love – Tonight was the last meeting of the playwriting class I’ve been taking. Tomorrow night is the next of the voice acting class. Wednesday is a comedy show.

I had a reading of part of my play for Fringe in the playwriting class. While the overall response was positive, most of my final sequence jokes didn’t get the response I was expecting, so I will have to revisit those. There was also some feedback around the character’s backstory that I need to clarify. I’m both excited and scared. It’s reading better each time, but I also realize that I will be doing it, live, onstage, in a month. Still, you never grow unless you challenge yourself.

I started the voice acting class late because of previous Tuesday night commitments, including the Las Vegas trip and the class didn’t meet last week, so tomorrow will only be class #2 for me while my classmates are on #4. I don’t need to worry about it now, but I will be going into the last class, a meeting with a casting director, less prepared than my classmates. Still, I’m enjoying doing it.

For the comedy show on Wednesday, I only get three minutes, and for some reason I’m having difficulty deciding which three minutes to do. I hate to be the guy that always does the same material, but with only three minutes, I want to stick with pieces that I know will hit. Still, it’s good to have a plethora of choices.

So it’s a busy week. I feel lucky to have it.

Vegging in Vegas (not)

I’m writing this post from a timeshare in Las Vegas. This time I’m here mostly to be entertained – we have tickets to shows on both Friday and Saturday nights, so I won’t be doing the Saturday Sapphire show like the last time I was here. I will be doing an open mic on Thursday, so if you’re in town, drop me a line – steve@steveheyl.com.

Since I’m on this “unpaid sabbatical”, I came up to Vegas a few days before John. This will give me some time to work on my show (well the promotion materials for my show) at the San Diego Fringe. I’ve had some of the script read in my playwriting class and I’m getting positive feedback, but of course I’m still tweaking it.

I’m also in the Pride Comedy Festival later this month. This is a short set, but it should be fun. Buy tickets here. for a 10% discount.

So I’m not quite vegging after all.