Florida Fundraiser

Last week I got an e-mail from Flappers asking for Floridian comics to do a fundraiser for those affected by hurricane Irma. Being a native Floridian, I replied that I would be available if they needed me.

On Friday, I got the e-mail saying they did want me. 6 minutes. Sunday early evening. I put up a few posts about it. The time of the show was smack during two football games and the Emmy awards. So I was pretty pleased that we got as many people; it was about 20 people. Still, it was a fun show – all the comedians were great and great to work with.

I did a few Florida specific bits. I had planned to do a longer Disneyland set and the Mim S&M piece, but since everyone else on the show had TV & movie credits, I decided at the last minute to do my IMDB bit. I guess it’s a good sign that I’ve got enough material that I can swap some in/out at the last minute.

It’s probably going to be a little quiet on the comedy front for a while. I am going to Sacramento this week for business (my software job), and next weekend we have a friend visiting from San Diego, so those will occupy my time. But I’ll make time if you want to book me.


The Best of the Worst

This summer I was back at Burning Man for the first time since 2013, and it was a busy week.

Monday I made my Center Camp Cafe debut. Ok it was on the spoken word stage, and I was between a guy talking about the “message” science fiction film he just finished and a woman talking about her transition from IBM executive to ‘clairvoyant business consultant’. So, maybe it wasn’t the best lineup for a comedy set. Still, I got to try a few new bits and found out that several others don’t work in the context of Burning Man. If you’re not learning you’re not growing, right?

I had a small (but spread out over a large area) art installation in Black Rock City. I haven’t received any e-mails about it, so I don’t know if anyone actually saw it.  Sometimes you do art because you need to get it out there and it doesn’t matter what the reaction (or lack of reaction) is.  Besides, it was at least as good as the disco goat someone else did.

Some of our San Diego friends put up a major art project – ‘The Journey’. It was spectacular. We helped with the breakdown & load into the truck for home part.

Our camp was mostly fire dancers. We were in the circle for the actual Burn. That was pretty amazing, especially during the explosions. Someday I may try to add fire dancing to my skills, but I -am- a klutz so it may be a while.

Then there was the self-proclaimed “Worst Comedy Show on the Playa”. Should I be happy or sad that I was the ‘headliner’ for this?  Because it was billed as the “worst comedy show”, I had to start with a light bulb joke; it was a Burning Man light bulb joke, but still…. Very little of my set overlapped my non-playa material; it was actually kind of cool to be able to do some Burning Man specific bits for an “in the know” crowd.It was a great set even though I was doing some of the material for the first time. Headliner at the “worst” show – I guess that makes me the ‘Best of the Worst’.  Until the next burn.