Time Warp – Summer 2013

There must have been a time warp, because WordPress says I haven’t posted here since June and it really can’t have been that long ago.

So here’s what happened in the alternate universe where I wasn’t posting:

Another Komikazi show in August. This time with Tony Calabrese as the headliner and me in the opening slot of the night. Yeah, it was good experience all the way around. Some of my former classmates are getting good at this.

Conversation with a police officer who stopped us on the way to Burning Man:
Officer (harshly, picking up my knapsack): “What drugs are in this bag?”
Me: “Ambien and Viagra. Any other questions?”
Officer (sheepishly): “No, that will be all”

Mechanical problems on the way to Burning Man (unrelated to the conversation above) prevented me from making it to the planned appearance at the Playa Info Red Party, but I did a set at Quixote’s.

Along with Chet Sewell and Sarah Burford, I was of course a part of the LGBT comedy show at Twiggs in September. Gay jokes all around, but none of us had the same ones.

This month I entered a contest for the first time in over a year – Phat Panda Presents at E’s Tavern – and I was in the top 3 (out of 12 contestants); first time I’ve placed in any contest. So, if you haven’t seen me on stage in a while, I just might be a little better than the last time.

Back to the present….. now you’re all caught up, whether it was important to you or not.