Two recent shows and a few coming up

I was in two shows in the last week and I have a few more scheduled.

Thursday was a Comicazi show (yes we changed the spelling) with Mark Christopher Lawrence as the headliner. I considered some of my new material ready to do at this show and most of it went fairly well, some of it needs tweaking, and I forgot one bit.

I did the set for my class on Sunday and most of it fell flat, even the pieces that had good reaction at the show on Thursday. I guess that was a lesson – good writing, delivered poorly doesn’t work.

Fortunately I was back on my game for the class graduation show last night. This was the first standup show at the National Comedy Theater (which normally does Improv), so I certainly didn’t want to be the weak link. The show was well received (and I did all my new material that’s ready).

Now, it’s on to my first benefit show – I’ve been invited to the comedy show fundraiser for Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN). There’s some gay-related material I want to develop for that.

And…. I’ve been invited to a show with Dat Phan. There’s a good chance this one will sell out, so let me know if you want tickets.