It’s Vegas, baby

I’m in Las Vegas and I’m going to do comedy!

I used to come here regularly for a software project and developed a fondness for the energy that this city exudes. There is a palpable sense of “anything is possible” here that outweighs the bordering-on-tacky displays of wealth (real or rented), the faux glitz, and the whatever-you-can-get-away-with entertainment.  The fact that “anything is possible” can be either positive or negative seems irrelevant – the city vibe practically begs you to get out of your comfort zone.

On the drive up here, I listened to recordings from my last two shows – Aces and Twiggs.  Twiggs was a little worse than I thought at the time I was doing it.  Yuck I can do better.  I guess I need shows like that to remind me that I have to learn to learn from my failures.  The Aces show was much tighter, and that gives me some confidence going into this week.

I didn’t make the cut for the World Series of Comedy contest, but the event includes seminars that I can definitely use.  Besides, it’s Vegas, so I’m sure there’s something I’ll get out of it. I have a slot in one of the non-contest shows, so my goal is to be good enough that someone says “you should have been in the contest”.

When I got here this evening I started looking for additional stage time, and I secured a slot in the open mic at Sapphire Club. I went to this club to see one of my comedy teachers (Tony Calabrese) perform when we were in town in December, so it seems kind of fitting. Yes, this gay man will be performing in a strip club. But it’s Vegas, baby – get out of your comfort zone.