Leaving Las Vegas

What a week in Vegas.

There are more events in the World Series of Comedy – I still need to find out how two of my San Diego comedy buddies fare in the finals – but I only planned to be there through today.  Yes, I drove home this afternoon.

I was on stage in Las Vegas twice – once for the World Series of Comedy and once at the Sapphire club (yes – gay man in a straight strip club, eventually that will be a bit).  Both sets went pretty well even though I had to make some last minute changes. Just before the World Series show, we were told that we would have 4 minutes instead of the 5 I expected, but I was able to adjust without issue.  Just before the Sapphire show, we were told we could have 8 minutes; I had planned on doing 5, but I added a bit of material I haven’t done in a while and came in pretty close to 8 minutes.  Chris Clobber told me there would be days when I would have to stretch or cut at the last minute, so I feel good that I was able to do so.

The seminars at the World Series of Comedy were great.  Even though some covered areas that are still a few years out for me (e.g. getting an agent and manager), I still found enough relevant to me for me to consider it a good use of my time.  I spent more time writing in the last week than I did in the previous quarter; not all of it is worth saving, and in fact the actual output, measured in punchlines is pretty small, but there are some gems that I will unleash when they’re polished.

In general, I hate business “networking” events – I never know what to talk about after “Hello”.  But this worked well – I met many comedians that I want to keep up with as we pursue this career.  There is a wide range of experience and talent levels at this event, and yet I felt like I could strike up conversation with anyone.  Everyone was very friendly.  And I think the biggest thing I got out of the week is renewed confidence that I can actually make at least a part-time career out of this thing that gives me so much energy.

Bye, Vegas, I’ll be back.