Starting the day job

The last two weeks have been ramping up with my day job – I have a contract position doing software, so that takes the pressure off things financially.  Yes, that does mean I have less time for writing and performing, but having food on the table is important too – especially since my husband has no income right now.

On the plus side, the day job afforded me the opportunity to travel last week, so while I was in Indianapolis, I was able to get on stage twice.  On Tuesday at Crackers, I tried a few new bits (mixed, but slightly positive results) and brought back some I haven’t done in a while (still need to let them simmer & see how I can improve them) and one of my co-workers was in the audience.  She convinced two other co-workers to come see me again at Morty’s on Wednesday.  I did a last minute substitution of one of my bits because some jokes the comedian directly before me used, and I did a request – the gay ark bit – that my co-worker wanted to see.

This week, I don’t expect to get on stage.  I have some preparation to do before we go camping on Thursday – it’s the local Burning Man event.  Since we missed Burning Man this year, this is my “burn” (although October in southern California is wildfire season, so we don’t -actually- burn anything) and I don’t want to miss it.  May I’ll find a camp with an open mic night.

One of the comedians I met in Las Vegas want me to co-produce a show with him in November, so that’s where I’ll be focusing when I get back.  Oh yeah, and on the day job.