A weekend in the country

This weekend we went to the local/regional Burning Man event.  There was no comedy open mic, so I didn’t get on stage, but I was able to slip a few jokes into conversation with new friends.  Some worked, some didn’t.  Just as important, I also came up with a few one-liners that I can use the next time I’m at Burning Man or a regional event.  Only Burners will get these:


It’s ironic that sparkle ponies don’t actually sparkle

Is it art or is it an extension cord?

The great thing about conceptual art is, it doesn’t have to be good

POOP – People Out Of Place


All in all, it was a good weekend

I will have at least one time on stage this week – at Reds in Point Loma on Friday.  There is a chance I’ll also be at the open mic at Aces.  Then nothing planned for the rest of the week.