Practice Makes Perfect

My first attempt at hosting a show was…fair.  I loved being the host, but frankly, I don’t interact with the audience as much as I need to for this role.  Part of it is I’m just not confident that I can be witty in real time; part of it is that I tend to have fairly short set times, so I tend to not deviate from a planned set.

Still, I know that I need to be able to be more spontaneous on stage.   So, last week and this evening I did open mics with the express intention of engaging more with the audience.  It takes practice, and there is no substitute for stage time.  I tried to anticipate what answers I could get to questions I asked, and in some cases, I had some good responses.  In other cases, I floundered a bit…..and you know what?  I’m OK.  I’m still getting comfortable with the idea that it’s OK to fail a bit – the best comedy involves taking some risks.  I started and finished with strong bits, so that was good.  Good enough that at both shows, someone came up to me after and asked me when and where I’ll be doing a longer set (November 29 at the Brass Rail).