It’s the People

One of the things I’m loving about doing comedy is that I get to meet so many nice people.

There are the people who come to the shows.  Without them, I’d look pretty stupid standing on stage with a microphone, but it’s more than that.  Several people have come up to me after a set and told me that something I said really resonated with them.  Or that they’ve seen me before and I’ve gotten better.  Or just that I brightened their day.  And that makes my day.

There are the other people on stage.  I’m constantly amazed that I get to be on the same show with big names like Dat Phan and Mark Christopher Lawrence, but even more impressed by the fact that they are genuinely nice people off stage as well.  The local comedian community is pretty supportive as well.  Two weeks ago, at an audition at KPBS, I ran into 3 local comedians and, even though we were all vying for the same job, we were genuinely happy to see each other.  One of the KPBS staffers even mentioned it.

So, yes, comedy is about jokes, but mostly it’s about people.