Material, not jokes

Tonight I did a show at the VFW hall in Imperial Beach.  Yes, the VFW hall – that’s a first for me. Sometimes in non-comedy-club venues, I question whether my humor will be well-received.  Tonight again, my fears proved baseless.  In the middle of a joke with the punchline “Republican”, I stopped and said “I just realized this joke may not go over well here” and yet it did.

After the show, one of the other comedians commented that the fact most of my material comes from actual incidents is why people connect with it.   Point taken – I don’t need to write jokes, I need to write material.

Oh, and a member of the audience asked me if I’m really gay – I guess she thought I am a much better actor than I am.  No, it really is me on stage.

It’s all a part of the growing process.