Fizzle, Bang, Bang, and Two Thumbs Up

I closed out 2014 with a fizzle, two bangs, and two thumbs up.

First, the Fizzle.  I was the feature at a show at Winstons in Ocean Beach, and I thought I was pretty flat.  I hate that, not just for myself, but also because I have responsibility to keep up the energy to lead into the next person up.  I know no one hits all the time, but I’m frustrated that I’m not at a point that I can turn my set around – if it starts off slow, it’s going to stay slow.  It’s something I need to work on next year.  So, come to a show – it’ll either be good and you’ll have a good time, or it won’t be good, and you can enjoy the schadenfreude.

Bang – Boxing Day show at Reds.  The previous time I was at Reds, I did an only fair job hosting. This time I was in a sweet spot in the line up of very funny people and the audience was great.  You know you did well when the host says “I got nothin’ to follow that” after your set.

Bang – Dat Phan and Friends at Lestat’s. Another great audience, another sweet spot, and a another wildly funny group of comedians – I had a great time and since people laughed at most of my stuff, I guess I did OK.

And the two thumbs up?  Most weeks I have dinner on Tuesday at Baja Betty’s with friends and we go for a walk in Hillcrest afterwards.  Last week, as we were coming out of the restaurant, a woman introduced herself as Madeline, and said she loved my set at the VFW.  Then at the other end of our walk, we stopped into Our Gang to say hi to some friends, and one of the servers, Casey said she saw my set at Winston’s; despite how I felt I did, she said she enjoyed my set.  Thanks and two thumbs up, ladies.