It’s his fault

I just realized it’s almost exactly three years since I took my first standup comedy class, with Tony Calabrese teaching.

It was sort of a lark actually – I got an e-mail announcing it from the Pt. Loma theater where I had taken an acting class a few months earlier.  I mentioned it to my husband John and he said “I think you should take it”.  So, it’s his fault.

I quickly discovered that I enjoy the immediacy of stand up.  Doing local theater, I found that I spend six weeks of rehearsals before you find out how the audience will react to your character, and then you only get two or three weekends to actually perform it.  In contrast, I’ve literally written a joke minutes before I perform it, and I immediately know the audience reaction – it’s a heady feeling when it works.  And I can still create characters – well not yet maybe, but when I have more experience.

So I’ve been on this ride for three years now with no sign of stopping. It’s John’s fault.  Thanks dear.