Two strikes

I guess it’s a sign that my last post – about needing to work on some new material – was right on target: I didn’t make the cut at the San Diego’s Funniest Person preliminary level earlier this month.  I listened to my recording and there were laughs, even good laughs, at most of the places I expected. My biggest laugh of the evening was an improvised line that referenced a previous comedian’s set.

So I came home that night and started working on material for the open mic at the Comedy Palace for this evening. My challenge was to do three minutes with nothing I’ve done on stage before.  I wrote a new opener about the fact that I get stage fright (yes, I really do) and some new stuff about Burning Man.  I ended up using a few lines that I performed once before, but for the most part, I feel like I met the challenge.

And it went over….. not well.  Listening to my recording, I can tell I was a little flat, but not extraordinarily so.  I’m guessing the subject was a little too esoteric.  I want to do material about Burning Man, but I still haven’t made it accessible yet.  And I think I’m going to adapt the stage fright bit a ‘saver’ for when I really do have it.

Two times on stage, two strikes.  Next week, I’ll be at Morty’s in Indianapolis, so I will open and close with ‘tried and true’ material because I don’t want three strikes in a row, but I’ll slip some new stuff in as well.