It’s all about the stage time….or not

When I started powerlifting, several lifters told me that if I wasn’t at the gym every day, I wasn’t serious. The funny thing is, my weights didn’t really start going up until I found a group of lifters that only did three days per week. There are times when I don’t maintain that pace, but I know when I do it is sustainable, and if I stop lifting for a few weeks, it’s not from burnout. So part of my powerlifting training was finding what worked for me.

But this post isn’t about powerlifting.

I’ve had several comedians tell me that I have to be on stage at least 5 nights a week. I’ve never quite managed that, but I have hit 3 on occasion, and I did 2 shows in one night last year. I have a few reasons (or excuses, depending on your point of view) why this is so – date night with my husband, dinner with friends, square dancing, etc. I knew this month would be somewhat light in the stage time department, but I just realized that I’ve only done comedy once so far this month. That’s down from my “at least once a week” pace and it bothers me.

On the other hand, I’ve stepped up my writing time, and I have a few new bits that are now ready to test on stage. I also completed the first draft a short play that I want to submit to a contest later this year. When I’ve pushed myself to get on stage multiple times per week, I’ve never been able to write material at the same time.

So, like powerlifting, I need to find my sustainable pace of performing and balance that with a sustainable pace of writing.