Third time’s the charm

I was invited to a Wednesday show in Riverside county (about an 80 mile drive) last week. I’ve been working on some new bits and I thought this would be a good place to try them out – a crowd that doesn’t know me, but some comedians I enjoy working with. Alas, the host who invited me (via Facebook) didn’t have my phone number (that has been corrected) so I missed the message that the show was cancelled at the last minute – last minute enough that I was already on the road. Bummer, but at least I had a nice view of the mountains on the way up, courtesy of the I-15 rush hour traffic.

Since I got home earlier than I expected, I finished up some of the tasks I had planned for Thursday, which left Thursday available for an open mic that I usually enjoy. Again, a chance to try out new stuff. I usually bracket new material with some of my more consistently performing bits so I can see how it compares. Maybe because it was the week before Easter, but the laughs just weren’t coming for any bits, or really for any other comedians either. Bummer, but at least I had car practice time.

Which brings us to Saturday and a slot at Comedy Heights at Twiggs, in the sweet spot even. I haven’t watched the video yet, but from what I could tell, one bit did well and the other was at least passable. Third time’s the charm.