Drag and Ducks

I really thought May was going to be all about writing, not being on stage. I started the month with two planned shows, but it looks like I’ll end it with six. I realize that’s not a lot for some comedians, but it represents progress for me.

One of my other activities is square dancing (still don’t have any jokes in that subject area, but I’m thinking about it) and last weekend was the IAGSDC convention in St. Louis. I did some research and found some open mics on Sunday, but wasn’t sure how I was going to get to them without a car. Then on Friday night, one of the callers asked where he could see my comedy this weekend and suggested I ask the person running the Honky Tonk Queen contest (an intentionally bad drag show that is a longtime tradition of the convention) to get 5 minutes. So Saturday afternoon I found myself putting together and rehearsing a set. Take a big, friendly, and lubricated audience, add several drag performers of various camp levels, throw in a well rehearsed set, and I had a recipe for a hit show. Yes, I will post my set as soon as I snip it out of the full recording.

Last night was quite as successful, but then again a sports bar during the NHL playoffs may not be my best venue. I wasn’t as rehearsed for the set as I should have been, and my phone didn’t sync notes, so I didn’t have my outline with me to review just before going on.  That combination meant that I had a few stumbles.  And the Anaheim Ducks lost.

So my lesson for this week is ‘rehearsal’. I have one more show this month, on Saturday, and I’m trying some new stuff. Let’s see if I can nail it.