A Good Day

Two weeks late, but I was on stage with Jennifer for one of our Notorious4Comedy shows in Normal Heights. We had planned to do a show every two weeks starting in June, but got bumped for our second June date, so our second show was almost a month after the first. As seems to be the norm for Notorious4Comedy, we had some last minute changes – Maria was ill, so Chris Clobber took over for her, and Maria sent us an unexpected extra comedian (Jonathan Randall from New York, in town for Comic Con). I hosted – much better than my stint at Red’s a few months back, but I still need more experience. Then again, Jennifer and I are creating Notorious4Comedy so we can get more experience. And Jennifer was quite the trooper, going on stage about three hours after a root canal!

I did some new stuff and tweaked some of the bits that I introduced in May.  Most of it seemed to be well received, although I forgot to tape it for confirmation. I’m slowly building material for a twenty or thirty minute set, one minute at a time.  All in all, it was a really good show, and my part was at least good.

The other news today is that I have been accepted for the Burbank Comedy Festival!  I don’t know the exact dates I’ll be on stage yet, but I’ll make it work on my calendar.  So, yes today was a good day.