Good Challenges

I make it a point to never do the same show twice. I try to rotate through my bits and even when I do the same bit I try to add or change something each time. So even though I usually do sets of 10 minutes or so, I have more than 10 minutes worth of material.

This past weekend I had shows scheduled for both Friday (at Winstons) and Saturday (with Comedy Heights), so early in the week when I was planning my shows, I set a challenge for myself. (It was also Pride weekend, and we had house guests, so it was a busy weekend, but that’s another story). My challenge to myself was to do completely different material each night. And I succeeded.

I got another challenge on Thursday – I applied for and was hired for a TribbleRun tour – feature slots for a night in Winnemucca and a night in Klamath Falls in September. This means a 30 minute set. I just proved I have 18 minutes, and there’s plenty of other material that I didn’t use this weekend, so this shouldn’t be a problem, but the bigger challenge is to determine how to fit it all together into something resembles a coherent show. This is a good challenge to have.