Starting Gate

Almost ready for the two night Tribble Run.  Tomorrow I’m getting a little preventative maintenance done on the car. I’ll pack while the car is at the dealer, and I’m going to try and edit another video about the Long Beach condo.

I have to admit that closing on the Long Beach condo, managing contractors for it, and doing some work myself on it has taken more of my mental energy than I expected.  I managed to do some rehearsal and beefed up the ‘serial renovator’ bit, but I would have liked to have done more preparation.  Then again, I would always like to have more preparation, even though sometimes I end up overthinking it. So, I’m practicing being cool and confident with what I have done.  And I’ll run over some bits when I’m driving, because that’s just the way I am.

I’m planning two days up and two days back so I can stay with friends along the way and so I don’t have to super long days on road. And I’m at the starting gate in about 30 hours.