New year, new challenges

My first show of the new year was at Java Joe’s in San Diego in the middle of some severe El Niño weather (tornado warnings the previous day!). Unfortunately this meant that we had a very small audience. But that meant that all the comedians experimented with new material. So, it really was a good way to start the year after all.

Last weekend I was in Tucson for a bear event, so I decided to do an open mic while I was there. I didn’t announce it to my bear friends in town because I didn’t know what kind of crowd would be there. It started out with a good crowd. I was number 30 in the lineup, so by that time we’d lost most of the audience. I tried to re-energize the crowd for the next comedian (the headliner) and got some good reaction – of course I would preferred to kill it totally. It’s not the first time I’ve been at the tail end of a show with (in my opinion) too many comedians; obviously I need to get better at handling fatigued audiences.