Missed it by a finger

If you went to the Garden Bistro in Point Loma (San Diego) on Saturday night, I’m sure you had a great time – after all, with Erell Rell, Jennifer Congernaum, and Chris Clobber, you can’t go wrong. And of course, if you checked my website before going, you probably expected to see me as well – after all, I promised some new material for my first San Diego show of the year.

The plan for Saturday was to do a little work on the condo in Long Beach, then head down to San Diego for the show. We were just about done with the work on the condo two hours ahead of schedule, when, despite all the proper safety procedures, I cut the end of my finger off with a table saw. That meant spending four hours in the ER waiting room and some serious painkillers, so a drive to San Diego was not in the cards. I’m looking at my calendar for another day that I can do comedy in San Diego – I’ll post on my website as soon as something is solid.

So, I missed the show by a finger.