A Coffee Shop, a Vegas Strip, and a little off the Strip

Earlier in the month, I made an appearance at Comedy Heights at Twiggs coffee shop in University Heights (San Diego). It had been several months since doing this show, but immediately I remembered why I love doing the show. The room was packed and enthusiastic, the other comedians were top notch, and when we pass the hat, people actually put money in it. Well, enough to cover gas for my drive at least. I tried two minutes of new material and four minutes of re-worked material I haven’t used in a long time and…. it all hit well.

As I write this I’m packing for Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas. Not entirely in Vegas per se. I’m going to the southern Nevada regional Burning Man event because A) It sounds like a great time, B) I haven’t done this event before, and C) I didn’t get Burning Man tickets in the first round, so I need a “playa fix”.  It takes place near Boulder City, and like Burning Man, you have to pack in and pack out everything you need for the event.  So you see why I need a break from packing.

Since I am going to be in Vegas, I thought I’d try to get booked for a show either Thursday or Monday – i.e. before or after the event.  Instead, I got a slot on the Sapphire Comedy Hour – yes, the big strip club – on Saturday. So I will miss a little of the festivities outside of town, but hey, I get to play Vegas on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend!

When I told the Burning Man regional event organizers that I will need to leave and return to the site, they asked if I would do a set in center camp at the event. So I will be doing that on Sunday night. It’s a little off the Strip, but it will be just as big a show for me.