For now….

The end of the musical “Avenue Q” is a song called “For Now”. While it’s not in verse, here’s my “For Now”…..

For now – I have a day job. The first week was at the customer site in northern CA, and I’ll have at least two more weeks up there before settling into a mostly working remote position. Yes, I am happy to be earning a nice salary again. I’m finding that I’m not writing though, so I need to find that balance.

For now – we have a major renovation project on the condo. Specifically, we are having some walls moved – which also means plumbing and electrical updates – in the kitchen. So things are chaotic. Think refrigerator next to the TV in the living room chaotic. Yeah, I’m not getting a lot done except for work.

For now – I am still getting on stage. I did a set in San Diego last weekend when we were down for Pride. Not my best, and a fairly small audience, but I got to try a few things that we discussed at a class I took last month. And the drag character I mentioned last time was well received even if I didn’t win. The producer of the show in Orange County that was cancelled last month is going to reschedule me.  And I’m setting my sights on an open mic when I’m in northern CA for my day job next time.

For now – the long drive to and from northern CA has given me some time to consider additional projects.  I’m not sure if any of them will see the light of day, but since I’m not loving my stage options right now, it’s worth seeing where the creative sparks might land. Nothing serious to report yet.

So.. for now – it doesn’t look like much is happening, but I’m OK with that….for now.