But they love me in Sacramento

In the pre-internet days, if you had a bad set, it was easy to say “But they love me in Japan” (or Sydney or Cairo, or any city but your own).  Now people can just search for the shows you did there and see how well you performed.

While Sacramento isn’t nearly as exotic as any of the places just mentioned, it did afford me two open mic nights. The first was in a mid-city coffee house with an audience of exactly three non-performers. I tried some variations on a few staples and one of them didn’t work at all.  A week later in a comedy club in Old Sacramento I was one of over 40 people who signed up for the open mic. Probably because I was “from out of town”, the host put me on first. With only 3 minutes, I stuck to tried and true material and it hit well.

Returning to Long Beach meant a full work schedule at both the bar and the software job. I decided the bar job has to go for now. We’re still in the midst of the kitchen renovation; even though we’re not doing most of the work, it is quite taxing. Every day seems to bring another “we didn’t anticipate this, any ideas how you want to handle it” moment. Some of these make it into my web series about the condo renovation, Bears in the Bluff. I’ve let all that get in the way of writing, so nothing new to report there. However, I set a challenge for myself – theming my daily tweets to the Olympics for the duration of the event.

But the loved me in Sacramento, really.