A Plan and Not Enough Time

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein

Last month I vague-booked here that I was working on a play. I went a little farther on social media, saying “I submitted for an event that, if selected, would require that I write 30 minutes of new material by December”.

Time for a little explanation. There is a large chance component to the selection process, and I was on the waitlist for a few weeks, but this weekend I received notice that I was was accepted for a slot in the Tucson Fringe Festival.

This isn’t just doing a 30 minute comedy set, but I’ve committed to a solo show (yes, with a plot and everything) about a comedian in an uncomfortable situation (hey – write what you know, right?). Yes, I’m stretching here – I’ve got a disk folder full of short plays I’ve written, but never had any produced, so I really don’t know if I totally suck or not. And unlike a standup set, I can’t drop into a known crowd pleaser routine because, well there’s that plot thing that I have to return to. I’m not starting totally from scratch – I wrote a 10 minute version of the show for a new play festival in San Diego this summer, but it was not selected for production. Still, I think the premise is solid, so I’m working on fleshing it out.

The show is in January. The script is due in December. Yes, I’m kind of scared tonight. But you never grow if you stay in your comfort zone.