Performance Mode

Just because I’ve been writing doesn’t mean I’m not looking for opportunities to perform. (If you’re a booker, yes that means I’m looking for stage time)

The weekend before last we were in San Diego and I got a chance to do a set at Comedy Heights in University Heights, one of my favorite venues. I had a few simple variations, but it was mostly some of my ‘standards’.

That was probably good practice, because I signed up for the Funniest Comic in LA contest (preliminary round) early next month. I assume I’ll be up against some ‘pros’, so I’m going to stick to material that I know I can do confidently. Win or lose, that will be a great way to start the new year.

After returning from San Diego, I held a table read of my show for Tucson. This time the feedback included only minor updates, so now I’m shifting from writing mode to performance mode. I have one more read scheduled for this week, with emphasis on direction and acting rather than writing. Since the writer/director friend who will be helping me with that is pretty far from Long Beach, I rented a rehearsal space near him for the evening; this all suddenly feels very “legitimate”.

And….I got to play social media director for a day. The Tucson Fringe is giving each show a day to take over their Twitter account. I wanted to do more than just say “hey come to my show”, so at particular times during the day I posted inspirational or humorous quotes. I had a hashtag, #ChooseTheFringe”, for posts why “the fringe” is better than “the center”. And of course I threw in a few show promotions.

The contest is only two weeks away and the Fringe show less than two weeks after that. It’s time to be in serious performance mode.