A little class

A lot has been happening since the show in January, unfortunately most of it has not been related to doing comedy. But I’m fixing that in the way I know how – education.

I’m taking a 5 week comedy class. Yes I missed a class this week because of a business trip but 1) I sent the teacher a video of my assignment and 2) I tried some of last week’s material in an open mic. A good comedy class (and this is shaping up to be one) is a collaborative art project – each person brings a partially formed piece and the others help them refine it. I am expecting to have several new bits when I finish this one.

About the time that class ends, I’ve signed up for a voice acting class. Sometimes I have an idea for one or more jokes that really require a vocal act-out and/or accent, so it would help to have some voice acting experience.

Besides, a classroom is sort of a stage, right?