Juggling Off Stage

Juggling is the art of keeping three or more objects in the air at the same time, right?

So I’m sort of juggling starting next week. I have another week left in my comedy class and two shows scheduled where I’m going to be doing some of the new material from it. I start the voice acting class next week. Today I found out that I will be doing my dramatic show at the San Diego Fringe Festival in the summer, so I’ll be starting on some rewrites soon. And, I sent a proposal to Burning Man Arts for a conceptual/visual piece for this year’s event.

Breaking that down a bit…

The comedy class on Wednesdays is going well. I’m working on four new bits, each about a minute and a half long, so potentially I’ll come out of this with six to eight minutes of pretty solid material, just in time for the 30 minute show I am doing in La Mesa and the 10 minute show in Burbank later this month.

Taking a voice acting class is my way of expanding my range of accents and characters to use in my standup. This is an intro class, and I expect I’ll take a few “specialties” (e.g. voiceover for commercials, audio books) as my interests in these areas emerge.

After the Tucson Fringe premier of my one man show “The Big Break” I realized that there is a lot of room to tighten the script as well as smoothing out the flow. Of course, with other things going on, those rewrites moved to the “someday” pile. Now that San Diego Fringe has accepted it (and I’ll soon have money on the line), I have a deadline. Writers need deadlines. So it will definitely be a better show in San Diego.

How did a Burning Man project fit into this mess? Most of the years I’ve been to Burning Man or Burning Man-like events, I’ve created some sort of art. Twice I did a little performance art – walking around in a labeled “Drama Free Zone” (complete with music). Twice I did stand up comedy (once naked). I’ve done conceptual art costumes (e.g. “The Snuggie of Turin”). A few years ago I had the idea of doing a “pilgrimage” piece, with markers along a path through the city. This year’s theme “Radical Ritual” seemed like the perfect opportunity to implement it. Because I’m planning to put these markers on existing infrastructure, I’m not sure the art placement group will allow it, put I proposed it. As one of our Up With People students used to say “You already have ‘no’; you have to ask for ‘yes'”.

Put all that together, and there’s probably not going to be a lot of actual on-stage-in-front-of-an-audience time in April. So I’ll be juggling, but not always on stage.