Re-[insert word here]

Re-Unemployed. As of today, I’m not working again. I’ve been talking for the better part of a month to the manager where I’ve been working. They don’t have any more work for me until a new project spins up later in the year. Since there’s a chance that they’ll want me back, initially I’m calling this ‘time off’ and “unpaid sabbatical”. I’m actually looking forward to it because I definitely need to –

Re-Work my solo dramatic play and I have a deadline (i.e. the San Diego Fringe Festival, as noted last time). I decided to take a playwriting class while I’m doing this work, figuring the ongoing feedback will be invaluable. It will also help to keep me on track. Yes it means for a few weeks I have both this and another class – the one for –

Re-cording. – I assumed I would like it (or else I wouldn’t have taken it), but the voiceover class is more fun than I expected. I’m certainly not the “best” person in the class, but I think I hold my own. Last week showed I have some issues with timing, but my characterizations seem to be a hit. And it is so nice to have a script in front of me, especially since I need to –

Re-trench on the comedy stage front. I was very comfortable and felt good about both the 30 minute show last week and the 10 minute show last night, but when I listened to the recordings, I’m not getting the laughs I expect. That goes for both new material my recent class and the tried-and-true. What caused guffaws in class or smatterings of applause in other shows have just registered moderate reaction in both of these shows. I’m finding it frustrating that even though I think I’m getting better, the –

Re-sponse doesn’t seem to match. I think part of this “unpaid sabbatical” will be spent reviewing material and seeing what I can do to pump it up. Looking at the bright side, I only repeated 2 minutes of material in the 40 minutes of show time I did in the last two weeks. And I still have 3 or 4 additional bits in –

Re-serve. That’s not a bad place to start from.