Time to Work?

Three months off work, I’ll have time to catch up on everything on my list. At least that’s what I said. In the just-over-three-weeks into this ‘unpaid sabbatical’, I finished the first voice-over class (and actually did a passable Cockney accent for a few lines), started taking a playwriting class (and had a reading of the opening pages of my show), drove to San Diego to perform some comedy, saw a few plays, went to the science museum (“Science of Pixar” show), spent a weekend in Death Valley and a day the Renaissance Faire, worked on continuing education for my project management certification, and wrote a bit on my show.


Every time I’m off work, I wonder how I found time for work. (Yes, that’s sort of a joke).

Next week, I’m spending a few days in Las Vegas (John is joining me for the weekend); I tell myself it’s a writing retreat. I’m leaving my “list” behind, so I will find time to work.