Vegging in Vegas (not)

I’m writing this post from a timeshare in Las Vegas. This time I’m here mostly to be entertained – we have tickets to shows on both Friday and Saturday nights, so I won’t be doing the Saturday Sapphire show like the last time I was here. I will be doing an open mic on Thursday, so if you’re in town, drop me a line –

Since I’m on this “unpaid sabbatical”, I came up to Vegas a few days before John. This will give me some time to work on my show (well the promotion materials for my show) at the San Diego Fringe. I’ve had some of the script read in my playwriting class and I’m getting positive feedback, but of course I’m still tweaking it.

I’m also in the Pride Comedy Festival later this month. This is a short set, but it should be fun. Buy tickets here. for a 10% discount.

So I’m not quite vegging after all.