Feeling Lucky

Driving home this evening, I realized that this week I get to do three things I love – Tonight was the last meeting of the playwriting class I’ve been taking. Tomorrow night is the next of the voice acting class. Wednesday is a comedy show.

I had a reading of part of my play for Fringe in the playwriting class. While the overall response was positive, most of my final sequence jokes didn’t get the response I was expecting, so I will have to revisit those. There was also some feedback around the character’s backstory that I need to clarify. I’m both excited and scared. It’s reading better each time, but I also realize that I will be doing it, live, onstage, in a month. Still, you never grow unless you challenge yourself.

I started the voice acting class late because of previous Tuesday night commitments, including the Las Vegas trip and the class didn’t meet last week, so tomorrow will only be class #2 for me while my classmates are on #4. I don’t need to worry about it now, but I will be going into the last class, a meeting with a casting director, less prepared than my classmates. Still, I’m enjoying doing it.

For the comedy show on Wednesday, I only get three minutes, and for some reason I’m having difficulty deciding which three minutes to do. I hate to be the guy that always does the same material, but with only three minutes, I want to stick with pieces that I know will hit. Still, it’s good to have a plethora of choices.

So it’s a busy week. I feel lucky to have it.