Fringe Final

Between the show at San Diego Fringe and some standup + MC + sketch commitments with the IAGSDC Square Dance convention in Palm Springs, I put about 600 miles on the car over July 4 weekend. I guess that’s what real road comics feel like.

Most of my Fringe shows went well. I got some of the script severely out of order on one, so it became a real exercise in improvisation. I had one show with literally two paying audience members (hey it was 10PM on a Wednesday – who wants to see a drama then?). Overall, though, it went reasonably well.

There are times when you just need to see an idea through. I started writing the Fringe show with an idea I wanted to explore. Three major (as in “throw out the old script and re-start”) iterations later – a short play festival submission (didn’t get selected), Tucson Fringe, and San Diego Fringe – I think I’ve worked it through to a place that I can move on to other projects.

So, it’s back to stand up…. Two shows in July and the Burbank Comedy Festival in August.