Sunday afternoon

October was another “how did it go by so fast” month – a weekend in San Diego, Gay Days at Disneyland, a ‘just a few chores around the house’ weekend, a regional Burning Man campout, and suddenly I’m putting together a Halloween costume.

But in the middle of all that, I was invited to another show at Flappers. This one was a Sunday afternoon. With a mostly gay lineup. I mean, it was barely after brunch time.

That was OK for me since I got up early that Sunday. You see, I was at a Burning Man event in the mountains. I woke up with the sun, broke camp, and went home to get a shower before the show in Burbank. I’m sure the other comedians were glad I did that shower stop.

Being Sunday afternoon, the crowd did not fill the main room. Not by a long stretch. Still it was a good crowd, we had fun, and I had a pretty good set. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.