Hello website, I don’t know if you remember me, but….

Someone gives you their phone number at a party on Saturday and says “call me”. You don’t call on Sunday, because, well it’s Sunday.
You say to yourself “I’ll call during the week”, but the week gets away from you.
The next weekend you say you’ll call, but you forget.
On Monday you say you’ll call “when X happens, so I have something interesting to say”, but X falls through, so you don’t call.
The next week you say “I need to call”, but now it’s been long enough that the conversation will be a bit awkward, so you put it off again.
This happens a few more times and suddenly it’s months after the party and you finally call and start the conversation with “I don’t know if you remember me, but…..”

So, yeah, that’s what’s happened with my web site.

Early in the year I was attached to a show that was headed for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; I didn’t post here because I wanted to make an ‘announcement’ post. Then it looked like a friend of mine in Long Beach was also going to be involved, so again I delayed posting about it. When we decided to leave the show, I didn’t post – what would I say – “I’m not doing such-and-such”?

I didn’t post about taking voiceover classes because, again I was waiting to have something interesting to say. I have done several standup shows, but nothing that broke new ground for me, so nothing special to post. My ‘real job’ (i.e. the one that pays the bills) contract ended, but that’s not something to post about on this site.

So, we’re here we are: Hello website, I don’t know if you remember me, but…. I’ll post a quick ‘catch up’ and can we start over?