Rewind 2018

In my earlier post today, I said I would do a ‘catch up’, so here’s what I’ve been doing in comedy this year:

I was in the Burbank Comedy Festival this week. I love doing this festival because I meet some great people. I had weekdays free, so I went to some seminars/classes to expand my comedic horizons a bit. MC’ing, podcasting, movie scripts, late night jokes – great classes; not sure which if any are directions I want to go, but it’s good to explore.

On the performance front in Burbank this week, I had two and quarter really good shows. I make a point of doing mostly different material at each of the three shows the festival puts me on. The main show last night went great. Tuesday’s YooHoo room show went very well, although I messed up some lyrics I was trying for the first time. (I am not a singer, but one bit just cried out for a song parody, so I prefaced it with “for the next 45 seconds, you’re in the worst karaoke bar in the world”). So I give that show a “3/4 good”. The show at the LA Connection was, well, only fair. I revised a bit I haven’t done in a few years and forgot most of it on stage. The rest of the set was fine, so, “half good” for that show.

Last month I did the Comedy Heights Pride show in San Diego. This is always a fun show, and several friends where there to see it. Comedy Heights also had a truck in the parade; I deferred to Chet for jokes along the parade route as his stuff works better than mine in that venue. There was a well timed siren outside the show during my set.

In June, I had two short sets at the Pride Comedy Festival. In Venice, I was part of the ‘roast’ of Roosterfish for their re-opening. I skipped the low-hanging fruit of jokes about their name. A few nights later in Silverlake, I did a tight three minutes, but didn’t advance to the finals.

There’s a rule in comedy that you’re not supposed to wear shorts on stage, but it was still about 100 degrees F when the show started at the Big Fire Comedy Festival, so I broke that rule. I also had a really good, well received 10 minute set. And drinks, lots of refreshing adult beverages after the show.

Flappers asked me to do the ‘Swinging Sunday” show in February. I love playing this venue. I just wish it were closer to home so I could do it more often.

So, I’m beginning and ending this post at Flappers. Now back to current events for the next post.