Standup Sets

Here are some full sets from shows I’ve done.  In most cases the video was taken by an audience member, so it’s not the best; just pretend it’s one of those 1960s ‘cinema verite’ films.

Here’s a full set from the Big Fire Comedy Festival in 2018.

Here’s a set from the YooHoo room at Flappers in Burbank.  Some familiar material but a better quality video than the outdoor one above

Here’s a 5 minute highlight reel from my set at the LGBT Showcase in the San Diego Comedy Festival.  Yes, it’s mostly old favorites.

We had a great lineup at the Brass Rail in Hillcrest over Thanksgiving weekend 2014.  Here’s my set.  Some old favorites and a few new bits.

I was in a showcase show at the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.  The whole week was a great experience – seminars, meeting other comedians from around the country, and of course – Vegas, baby.  Still, this was a highlight of the week.

Dat Phan is from the San Diego area, and occasionally he asks local San Diego comedians to do local shows with him. I was honored to be among them for a show in April 2014.

They say comedy is about exposing yourself with all your flaws.  For this show at Burning Man, we took that literally.  We can’t even show you the audience, because they were naked too. The camera stays mostly above the waist, so it’s pretty “PG”, although there is one “F-bomb”.