About Me

Welcome to SteveHeyl.com

Thanks for visiting.  I know you have a choice of middle aged square dancing, powerlifting, tech guy comedian sites. Well, at least I think you have a choice – there is more than one, right? Anyway, I really appreciate you being here.

I try to find the funny in everyday life, and having lived everywhere from Florida to California I’ve seen plenty of everyday life. Somehow I missed “Gay 101” when I came out, so I’m rarely in sync with gay culture and I find funny there too. I’ve been married to the same guy for over 25 years (OK, it’s only been a legal marriage since 2004, 2008, or 2014 depending on the state), and sometimes that’s funny too.

You can find my next show here. Keep coming back because I’ll be posting all kinds of things to keep the website visitor counter hopping. Ok, maybe it will be mostly upcoming shows, videos, and such. Anyway, spend some time and tell your friends.  And come to one of my shows – it’s kind of boring for me to be on stage if there’s no audience.

Credits? You want credits?
I’m a semi-regular at Comedy Heights in San Diego. I’ve been on booked shows at the Madhouse, Comedy Palace, Comedy Store in San Diego, Flappers in Burbank, and other venues in Winnemucca, Klamath Falls, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. I’ve opened for Dat Phan, Tony Calabrese, Chris Clobber, and others. I’ve been on shows with strippers in Las Vegas and stripped at Burning Man.