Standup Videos

These are some bite-sized bits from shows that I’ve done with video taken by an audience member, so it’s just like you were actually there.

My take on “Super Foods”. The ambulance was just lucky timing.

This is all I know about fashion. It’s 30 seconds long. Really.

Yes it’s a gay stereotype. Wanna see our new toilet?

I like Disneyland, but not on Gay Days. And I have a few suggestions to make Disneyland better

Yes, I drive a Prius, but not for the reasons you think.

All sports are gay.  Really, they are

It’s true – you can’t be gay in San Francisco

Yes, Mime S&M, it’s a thing

“Big Bears With Fur” a little video I did with my friend and fellow comedian Chet Sewell

And if you have a bit more time to spare, here are some full sets that I have done.